VSL.AI is now available inside our new and revamped Genius.AI platform

VSL.AI was the worlds first CoPilot for Direct Response Advertisers.
Genius.AI is designed for any type of social sellers & Network Marketers.
All of the original VSL.AI features & more have been moved to Genius.AI and
VSL.AI users can join Genius.AI at a special price!

Click the button "Migrate to Genius.AI" on the top-right and use the same email used for VSL.AI to be granfathered at a special price - If you had a VSL.AI annual, shoot an email to support@genius.ai to initiate the migration and keep your original subscription!

Today We’re Excited to Announce

Merging of the Two Brands

Little AI Genius

The Vision of  Genius. AI

Imagine if everyone had a “Little AI Genius” that is programmed to be just like you yet is a master at your specific craft, guiding you every step of the way to achieve your goals and reducing your time to results by 100x!

That’s the future Genius believes in and today we will be taking the next step towards that vision.

By absorbing the VSL.AI brand and technology, Genius AI can now offer it’s customers a new CoPilot to not only sell to a growing target market, but also use to help them with their advertising capabilities.

What’s the Difference Between Genius.AI and VSL.AI?


Genius.AI is designed to help Direct Sales Reps and Network Marketers build their brand, tease their products, and convert engagement into sales.

With Genius AI You have

LLM- Agnostic Platform

Model Fine-tuning: personality adaptation

Build Your Brand: a tailored feature set guiding our customers through proven methodologies to grow their personal brand.

Product Positioning: how to showcase your products value prop and generate interest.

How To Close: step by step assistance on how to convert those active conversations

The VSL experience within genius.ai

VSL.AI was designed was designed to help advertisers create Facebook Ads and Youtube ads that can help anyone sell their products at a profit.

With the merger of Genius.AI and VSL.AI you have

Make VSL Hooks, Leads, and Closes
Make Images and Short Videos

Proven Advertorials & Landing Page Writing

Build your own Swipe File

Multiple types of Email copy
Multi-language support (English, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese and much more!)
Personal Copilot to create personalised content in addition to VSLs.

Where You can Find Access To The VSL.AI Technology in Genius.AI

Starting Today, VSL.AI is available only within the VSL Experience in Genius.AI, Existing VSL.AI Members can migrate their account and be granfathered at the original cost by following the process received via email. If you have not received any email shoot a message to support@genius.ai

Previous VSL.AI members will get their Products, Swipes and Scripts migrated into Genius.AI - If you have existing credits those will be converted into extra platform time as Genius.AI does not have a credit system and you can generate content without limits!

The Original VSL.AI experience with the additional features is available under
VSL Experience

Thank you so much for being a loyal VSL customer - we are excited to launch the official merge onto the genius.ai platform! Being on this new platform allows for much more customization with the copilot, Staying on top of all new AI trends like our new caption video feature that includes long form video that can be repurposed into short form content,  as well as the ability to use our AI DM sales copilot directly with your Social Medias such as Facebook and Instagram to help you close more sales.

You have the option to keep the OG VSL.AI version on the new platform at your grandfathered price or upgrade to the full version of Genius.AI to stay on top of all the newest features that we are constantly dropping!

And if you’re interested, we even revamped and brought back the Affiliate program!

Thank you so much! We are very excited for the future we have in store.

-Peter Kell

Genius.aI is available now