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    10 credits/month (1 VSL = 1 credit)
    Top Ups Available
    Unlocks all features
    Editing Directions
    20+ Winning VSL Formulas
    B-roll shot lists
    30 day money back guarantee
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Garrett White
Founder of the Wake Up Warrior Movement & author of bestselling books: Warrior Book & BE THE MAN

"Just started playing with this today. HOLY FUCK BRO! I've been playing with it for 15 minutes, and I can already see the FUCKING POWER of what you have built.”

1 Days ago
Jason Applebaum
Legendary Affiliate Marketer

"I used VSL.AI and in 5 mins actually became the best copywriter to ever live!”

1 Days ago
Cameron Tennant

"Already launched FB ads at 1 VSL made by VSL.AI. 3 Minute video and lowered my CPA by 5 dollars. I have feeling that it will also back out stronger"

1 Days ago
Dan Greef

"I'm so excited to learn this stuff and put it into action because I'm going to change lives for the better. We are at the new dawn in technology and communication and we're so lucky to be here, in this place, right now!!"

1 Days ago
David Longacre

"This software will change lives!"

1 Days ago
Glenn Haesendonckx

"100% worth it to get annual subscription. The VSL Masterclass is 🔥"

1 Days ago
Michael Reichstamm

" Hey everyone, first, VSL.AI is awesome! 😀"

1 Days ago
Pauline Longdon

" This is a ridiculous deal!! I signed up for annual right away. It's the gift that keeps in giving! Thank you! "

1 Days ago
Forest Evans

" I appreciate you making the tool. It's already helped me land an agency client. Thank Peter!
Sorry can't and won't contribute to the hilibily's bitching about your killer AI tool. "

1 Days ago
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VSL.AI Yearly

Yearly Subscribers Will Get First Access To Their Own Personal VSL Department

AI Spokesperson (Coming Soon)
AI voiceovers for every script your produce
 Lead Copywriter (Coming Soon)
New tools for enhancing the scripts you already have
Lead Media Buyer (Coming Soon)
AI that looks at your data and tells you exactly what you need to do to optimize the first 3s, the first 60s, to boost your ROI even more
Editor  (Coming Soon)
Fully produced and edited videos using AI, at the touch of a button

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Test VSL.AI?

You can watch a free 5 minute product tour here.

Do unused video credits roll over into the next month?

Yes, all unused credits will roll over to the following month if they are unused at the end of the billing period.

Can I cancel VSL.AI at any time?

Yes. Simply go to your account settings in VSL.AI and cancel your plan.
Please note: we do not store your VSLs after canceling the account and any remaining credits at the end of the billing period will be removed.

Can I upgrade my account at any time? 

Yes. If you wish to upgrade your monthly plan to an annual plan, you can do so at any time. If you wish to buy more credits, you can do so at any time.

How much does VSL.AI cost?

For Monthly plan users, VSL.AI costs $50 per month. For yearly plan users, it’s $37.50 per month.

Is VSL.AI a one-time payment?

No, the payment for using VSL.AI is recurring. For monthly users, the billing cycle is monthly. For annual users it’s annually.

How much is one VSL script?

Each VSL script will cost you 1 credit (if you’re wanting to use the GPT-4 option) which comes in at $5 a script if you’re on the monthly plan. Significantly cheaper than the 100s of dollars you’d be charged by copywriters.

How many VSLs do I get with a monthly plan?

A monthly plan provides you with 10 credits per month. 1 credit = 1 GPT-4 script or 10 GPT-3.5 scripts. A shot list for your VSL = 0.5 credits.

How are credits consumed?

Credits are only consumed when a script has been generated.

Can I pay per VSL?

No. is based on monthly and yearly subscriptions

What is your refund policy?

If VSL.AI doesn't produce just script that you are excited to test we will happily refund your money. However all it takes for VSL.AI to pay for itself for life is 1 winning campaign so keep it up! So ask yourself, Is it VSL.AI better, faster, and more creative than the current copywriter's you have right now?

How is this different from ChatGPT?

Our formulas are based on the highest performing ads of all time, and our software is created by the one of the world’s top VSL advertisers based on his experience going $0-$40M twice with VSLs.

What to do with my VSLs?

Once you have the scripts you’re happy with, it’s time to actually make a VSL. To do that, you need to get it produced and edited. Check out the list of production company partners we have for the best people for this step. Once you have a fully edited VSL, you then launch it on Facebook or Youtube ads.

Are these short-from or long-form VSLs?

For now, we are specializing in short-form VSLs of 3-6m that can go direct to checkout. Long-form VSLs are coming soon.

What [are the subheads]?

These are just subheads to make sure that is ticking within the guardrails of the 8-figure VSL formula. You can remove these once you copy and paste your script to Gdocs.

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