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Chris Bing

At first I thought this was going to be some other generic type output you might get with other so-called vsl creators and copywriting tools. But this one is different. The quality you get out is insane. Its if you had hired a "Pro" copywriter to write a script for you. And not to mention, the information you get on your avatar is gold. I Highly recommend it to anyone that needs a VSL for their product or service.

Tyler Garner

Quality product shipping new features all the time. VSL.ai has been great so far. Their support team is super responsive and helpful at bug bashing and the regular updates to improve the overall experience as well as quality of the outputs from the product have been great so far and only going to get better

Alex Rahr

Impressed so far with the scripts coming out. Excited for the ability to create videos from the scripts to try it at scale.

Agnes Ithalo

What vsl.ai has helped me with in the creation of lead tests and pattern breaks is not mentioned. That`s insane

Joel Welch

I absolutely love this tool. I used to hire copywriters to help come up with strong scripts for ads, but this saves all the time I spent doing that, and usually comes up with something I can just roll with out of the box. In just minutes I have strong foundation of copy to work with. Truly amazing. As well, the feature that creates a customer avatar is huge. I instantly get a much clearer picture of the "ideal" customer, without having to spend half a day going research. Highly recommend.

Tiffany M

I love this software! As a newer marketer, I don't have a lot of experience to write a winning VSL on my own without hiring a copywriter at a big expense. This software makes it so simple and Peter Kell's training is absolute gold!


Really cool use of AI. So far I've used it to start a script for me and then I edit it after. It shaves off tons of time vs. writing from scratch. And honestly, it's a better writer than I am! GET THIS SOFTWARE.

Toms Z

They have nailed down the prompts and outputs, love the future plans and this seems the tool that will skyrocket the ads world. Also Peter is the guy who has the actual experience to know what the tool must achieve in the end of the day.

Zufaro Abraar

My experience with VSL.AI is amazing because its my first time writing a vsl and I think vsl.ai smashed it. I was very surprised when I just placed my product information and the vsl AI brain just automatically does all the key point structures and the kindergarden simple pitch done for me. I was like “aint no way”

Reimar Vetne

Highly recommended! Best AI tool available for getting VSL scripts (or general salesletters) written, based on winning campaigns from Peter Kell and Jon Benson.

Ole Kannapinn

I absolutely love the tool! The scripts are way, way better than if you would generate them with ChatGPT. This is really a revolution in copywriting.

Forest Evans

I used VSL.Ai for the first time 2 days ago...I was just playing around with it to see what it could do..I copy and pasted and email sent to me by an ecommerce company into VSL.Ai...then asked it to rewrite the email and make it stronger...and in 60 seconds VSL.Ai spit out a completely rewritten email for me...which I sent back to the e-commece company that sent me the original one...they wrote me back telling me it was amazing!...and they loved it!...offering me a position writing their outreach emails! If you're a copywriter or marketer get VSL.Ai now!

Mateusz Fidler

Without hesitation I jumped into vsl.ai on the first day of release and I don't regret it at all. This thing is so overpowered, it is the only thing of this caliber on the market currently.


VSL.AI has been a great product so far. You still need to do lots of work but takes much of the guessing and writers blocks out of the equation. The value comes in saving yourself time trying to re-write the biggest campaigns on earth.


VSL.AI is next level! Videos are more dominant than ever in advertising, and this software allows you to create a high quality script in minutes! I've used it to create multiple VSL scripts that I'm testing out, and they all took me less than an hour to finalize. Before this process would take me days or even weeks, or I'd have to hire an expensive copywriter to do it. Insane. There are tons of awesome features, from how to make your script more compliant to testing headlines. My favorite features are: - market research (takes minutes to spit out a super detailed breakdown of market, avatar, and angles) - the fact that the scripts are modeled after some of the most successful video ads - the 2nd draft that asks you detailed questions to make the script 10x better - the shot list that gives me step by step instructions to give to a video producer Stoked to see what else VSL.AI comes out with soon!

Yazan maraqa

The feature that creates a customer avatar is a game-changer. It gives me a crystal-clear picture of my 'ideal' customer without having to invest hours in research. I wholeheartedly recommend VSL.ai to anyone looking to supercharge their copywriting efforts.

Eitan Fishbein

Peter commands a ton of respect in the industry and literally is putting in the palm of your hands a tool which revolutionizes the creation of VSLs. You'd be crazy not to use it. Even for copywriting in general, it takes you about 90% of the way...you just need to come up with a compelling product to sell.


I’m a fan of Peter Kell’s story, energy, along with his passion for business, video sales letters and VSL.ai. I purchased VSL.ai yearly subscription without hesitation and, so far, I love it. Looking forward to updates and new features to come!

Tony R

i've been using vsl ai for over a week and the level of ads we been launching surpassed any other ad we launched in the past, it gave our team so many idea there is no reason for us to hire copywriters anymore. VSL AI let's go!!!


Its insane how much value you get by copy pasting landingpages into it and getting high quality VSL scripts ready in a couple of minutes.

J Grace

Easy to use, saves a ton of time. I am a newer marketer and this helped me pull the trigger to get started!

Nana Ichikawa

Love it! It's only the beginning!! Proven formulas straight from massive winning campaigns with just a few clicks. Absolutely incredible, life-changing!

Ewan Davies

Instant banger ads. No legwork needed. Just copy and paste your product description and reviews and you have a banger VSL script that is PROVEN to convert. Absolute game-changer!

Will H

If you can describe what you do in a basic fashion this software will make you look like a marketing genius


I've just started, but already I'm absolutely amazed. I can tell this is going to be a game changer. This is going to change everything in how I reach out to my precious clients.

Jack Campbell

Intuitive software. Saves me a ton of time doing a first draft of my VSL... and it is far cheaper than hiring a copywriter!

Tommy DeChiaro

It's Easy To use ! I was able to write a Vsl for my Wife Beauty Business That she can easily follow to make an awesome VSL video Thankxx 😃

Michael M. Schmidt

Amazing new tool to build VSLs in an instant. Mindblowing...

Veli Gür

The avatar research that VSL.ai is insane, not only that but the quality of copy is world class.


Easy to create Short VSL that convert

Molly M.

I love that it not only writes the VSL, it explains why it's writing what it's writing... so you learn how to write your own at the same time. So many options and so quick once you've answered the questions. These can be used for way more than just VSLs.

Nelson S.

As a Realtor since 1985, I just subscribed to VSL.AI, a tool facilitating the creation of compelling Video Sales Letters (VSLs). It is user-friendly. It guides me in the process of script writing by modeling successful campaigns and It is also a cost-effective alternative to hiring professional copywriters. I love it. Thank you Peter for creating it.

Susanna Enso H.

I like the simple yet impactful scripts VSL.AI wrote for my products. I Still need to test it out in the real world.